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Alphée of the Stars

Alphée of the Stars (Trailer)

| 1 min
Alphée of the Stars (Trailer)
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Alphée has a rare genetic disorder that hampers her development. Yet she continues to defy medical expectations. In a moving declaration of love for his daughter, filmmaker Hugo Latulippe and his family steal away for a year, focusing on his daughter's learning, so that she can integrate into a regular classroom when they get home.

  • participant
    Alphée Waridel-Latulippe
    Hugo Latulippe
    Colin Waridel-Latulippe
    Laure Waridel
  • writer
    Hugo Latulippe
  • director
    Hugo Latulippe
  • editor
    Annie Jean
  • camera
    Hugo Latulippe
    Philippe Lavalette
  • original music
    Alain Auger
  • sound recording
    Hugo Latulippe
    Alain Auger
  • sound design
    Alain Auger
    Luc Raymond
  • sound editing
    Alain Auger
    Luc Raymond
  • line producer
    Isabelle Couture
  • producer
    Éric De Gheldere
    Hugo Latulippe
    Colette Loumède
  • assistant director
    Raphaëlle Brenuchon
    Isabelle Couture
  • researcher
    Hugo Latulippe
    Raphaëlle Brenuchon
  • participation
    Paris Alves
    Marion Beney
    Simon Colomb
    Charlotte Delley
    Anastasia Dervey
    Tiffany Egandi
    Rayan El Maliki
    Noah Fonjallaz
    Ryan Gerber
    Robin Hassler
    Jérémy Hofmann
    Maude Jordan
    Sarah Platel
    Éloïse Poget
    Nicole Spycher
    Jacqueline Fraefel
    Muriel Cherpillod Vernier
    Marlise Kämpfer
    Zoya Stoyanova Koleva
    Ludovic Fleury
    Roman Fleury
    Manon Duhamel
    Jean-Maurice Latulippe
    Khalil Ashtiani
    Luka Davies
    Zélia Deviaene-Jurdant
    Hélia Fortin-Caron
    Lily Gaudreau
    Marika Kuling
    Isaë Roy
    Catherine Gerbelli
  • interviews
    Magnus Isacsson
  • additional camera
    Raphaëlle Brenuchon
    Laure Waridel
  • post-production manager
    Isabelle Couture
  • assistant editor
    Ariane Pétel-Despots
  • editor of the short versions
    Mathieu Bouchard-Malo
  • post-production studio
  • colour grader
    Julien Alix
  • online editor
    Guillaume Pelletier
  • smoke artist
    Guillaume Pelletier
  • post-production coordinator
    Line Lussier
    Marie-Pier Favreau
    Anne-Marie Bousquet
  • dialogue editor
    Luc Raymond
  • re-recording
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • additional re-recording masher
    Daniel Toussaint
  • coordination
    Anders Arben
  • foley artist
    Simon Meilleur
  • foley recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
  • marketing manager
    François Jacques
  • marketing manager - assistance
    Geneviève Bérard
  • administrator
    Johanne Dubuc
    Sia Koukoulas
  • production coordinator
    Hélène Regimbal
  • administrative assistant
    Lise Lévesque
  • technical coordinator
    Richard Cliche
  • associate producer
    Maryse Chapdelaine
    Mélanie Lasnier
  • musician
    Alain Auger
    Guido Del Fabbro
    Josh Zubot
    Jean René
    Émilie Girard-Charest
    Nicolas Caloia
    Mathieu Gagné
    Didier Dumoutier
  • music recording
    Alain Auger
  • music mix
    Alain Auger
  • music recording engineer
    Francis Bélanger
  • translation
    Vision Globale
  • subtitles
    Vision Globale
  • copyright release
    Isabelle Couture
  • legal advisor
    Stéphane Moraille
    Remy Khouzam
  • administration
    Jean-Denis Olharan
    Nadège Rousseau
  • financing
    Jean-Denis Olharan
    Nadège Rousseau
  • production accounting
    Jean-Denis Olharan
    Marie-Soleil Gaudette
    Elaine Bigras
  • production secretary
    Nadège Rousseau
  • audit
    Sylvain Ouellette



Ages 12 to 16

Diversity - Identity
Family Studies/Home Economics - Adolescent Development
Health/Personal Development - Healthy Relationships

Alphée’s father’s letters provide a framework for the story; discuss the message of each entry. What can we learn about ourselves by watching Alphée’s journey? Notice that Alphée mentions Neverland right before her time in the classroom (63:45–68:30). How can school be seen as Neverland? What does Alphée have “that our world is missing” (71:15)? How do fellow students benefit because she is in the classroom with them?

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