Our Food Systems—Are You Hungry for Change?

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A Virtual Classroom with David Suzuki and friends, co-hosted by the NFB, DSF and Humber College

The National Film Board of Canada (NFB), the David Suzuki Foundation (DSF) and Humber College invite students across Canada to take part in an engaging discussion exploring the intersection of food equity and environmental justice. We are asking how our modern food systems and farming practices impact our health, land and food security. The event Features Dr. David Suzuki, 100-Mile Diet co-author J.B. MacKinnon, and food justice expert Utcha Sawyers, as well as a special performance by poet Tanya Davis. Join David, J.B., Utcha and Tanya as they share their passion and explore the ways in which we as individuals and as a nation can ensure that every person has access to the basic ingredients for a life of health and dignity? Let’s create the food systems we want for ourselves and future generations!

J.B MacKinnon is a Vancouver-based journalist and bestselling author specializing in ecology and food. Utcha Sawyers is the Food Justice Manager and Food Animator for FoodShare Toronto and a member of Food Secure Canada’s Board of Directors. Tanya Davis is a Halifax-based poet, musician and performance artist whose work appears throughout the Island Green film.
This playlist features the NFB film Island Green, which will be referenced during the Virtual Classroom, as well as related films such as The Fruit Hunters – “The Evolution of Desire” (Episode 1) and Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie.

Watch Island Green with your students or student group and use the complementary resources to brainstorm questions for David, J.B. and Utcha before the event. We’ll select 8–10 questions, and then invite students from across Canada to ask their questions during the live webcast. Island Green will be available for viewing free of charge for a limited time in advance of this Virtual Classroom from September 12th to September 21st, 2014. CAMPUS subscribers can screen Island Green anytime at no charge.

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