image+nation@NFB LGBTQ Playlist

image+nation@NFB LGBTQ Playlist

In 2014, the NFB and the image+nation: Montreal LGBTQ Film Festival partnered to create a playlist that was culled from the NFB’s rich LGBTQ film collection and made available for online streaming to festival audiences. Both organizations are proud to move forward in this collaboration with the launch of the image+nation@NFB project, adding textured Québécois LGBTQ voices from i+n’s Queerment Québec program to this online selection, which allows all audiences to discover and share Canadian LGBTQ cinematic history and storytelling. Free access to these stories is first and foremost, so that all are able to see themselves on screen, big or small.

image+nation@NFB is the fusion of missions that value the elevation of all Canadian voices. The NFB offers its unique content while image+nation introduces contemporary perspectives to the historical landscape of being LGBTQ in Canada.

image+nation@NFB is also the realization of the longtime hope of creating an opportunity for LGBTQ stories to be told and heard—in all regions of the country and around the world. Too often, such works are only available at events held in urban centres, denying much of the population access. This crucial project is about democratizing LGBTQ voices and lives for all to witness and to share.

Charlie Boudreau
director image+nation

  • Twitch
    2015 | 5 min

    An experimental performance video that combines contemporary dance, contortion and acrobatics, Twitch is an ode to overcoming dark energies that lie within; confronting fear and the journey to self-acceptance.

  • Pepper
    2014 | 7 min

    The painful awakening of a couple after an evening of fantasies... Dreams vanish, reality appears.

  • I Still Love Them
    2010 | 13 min

    Michel is the charismatic subject of this documentary about following your sex
    drive. Sharing unique life experiences with great verve, an aging lothario strikes an honest and simply unforgettable pose.

  • Last Chance
    2012|1 h 24 min

    This feature documentary tells the stories of 5 asylum seekers who flee their native countries to escape homophobic violence. They face hurdles integrating into Canada, fear deportation and anxiously await a decision that will change their lives forever.

  • Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives
    1992|1 h 24 min

    This film contains scenes of nudity and/or sexuality. Viewer discretion is advised.

    This feature documentary delves into the rich history of Canadian queer women’s experiences in the mid-20th century. Compelling, often hilarious and always rebellious, the women interviewed in this film recount stories about their search for the places where openly gay women gathered in urban centres. Contemporary interviews, archival footage, and a stylized fictional narrative based on the pulp novels of the 1950s are woven throughout this simultaneously funny, heartbreaking, and empowering film. Forbidden Love brings an important and empowering history of lesbian sexuality in Canada out of the closet.

  • Men for Sale
    2009|2 h 24 min

    In this feature-length documentary, 11 male sex-trade workers are followed over the course of a year. They share their struggles to survive alcohol and drug-related addictions, abuse and stigmatization – but most of all, their troubled pasts.

  • Open Secrets
    2003|52 min

    This provocative documentary uncovers a lost chapter in Canadian military history: how the Armed Forces dealt with homosexual behaviour among soldiers, during and after World War II. More than 60 years later, a group of five veterans, barely adults when they enlisted, break the silence to talk about how homosexual behaviour "was even more unmentionable than cancer." Yet amidst the brutality of war, instances of sexual awakening among soldiers and officers were occuring. Initially, the Army overlooked it, but as the war advanced, they began to crack down: military tribunals, threats of imprisonment, discharge and public exposure. After the war, officers accused of homosexuality were discharged. Back home in Canada, reputations and careers were ruined. For the young men who had served their country with valour, this final chapter was often too much to bear. Based on the book Courting Homosexuals in the Military by Paul Jackson.

  • When Love Is Gay
    1995|48 min

    This documentary explores and debunks myths about male homosexuality. Examining relationships between men - from long-standing monogamous partnerships to brief encounters - the film features men of all ages talking openly about their sexuality and the challenges of self-acceptance in a straight, often homophobic society. Drawing from intimate interviews as well as action scenes ranging from a steamy dance floor in Montreal's gay village to a gay ex-policeman lecturing to future officers, When Love is Gay brushes a realistic portrait of an evolving gay culture.

  • Cure for Love

    Cure for Love is a full-length documentary about a controversial evangelical movement that purports to convert gay people into heterosexuals. The film brings us inside this unusual Christian subculture and follows the lives of several young people whose homosexuality is at odds with their religious beliefs.

  • John and Michael
    2004|10 min

    This animated short pays tribute to two men with Down syndrome who shared an intimate and profoundly loving relationship that deeply affected the filmmaker. Narrator Brian Davis brings the characters to life with great sensitivity.

  • Doctors with Heart
    1994|1 h 52 min

    Tahani Rached’s powerful documentary enters the doors of an AIDS clinic in Montreal. We meet a group of dedicated doctors struggling to provide health care to their patients. This 1994 film explores legal and ethical problems surrounding HIV/AIDS and the struggle against fear, rumours and prejudice. It is still relevant today. In French with English subtitles.