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Women, Sport, and Country (Ages 15-17)

Women, Sport, and Country (Ages 15-17)

This playlist explores the relationships between women, sport and nationhood. Use these films to encourage discussion around the role of women in relationship to professional and amateur sport, but also to discuss the way their roles represent and contextualize important social and historical issues related to national identities.

Films in This Playlist Include
Shooting Stars
The Boxing Girls of Kabul
Baseball Girls
Standing on the Line

  • The Boxing Girls of Kabul
    2011|52 min

    In this feature documentary, a remarkable group of young Afghan women dream of representing their country as boxers at the 2012 Olympics, embarking on a journey of both personal and political transformation.

  • Baseball Girls
    1995|1 h 20 min

    This feature documentary uses animation, archival stills and live-action footage to detail the history of women's participation in the largely male-dominated world of baseball and softball. Zany and affectionate, it features 7-year-olds learning the rules and skills of the game and 50-year-olds hitting home runs, from the early days of the Bloomer Girls to the heyday of the Colorado Silver Bullets.

  • Shooting Stars
    1987|49 min

    This documentary uses frequent dramatic re-enactments to trace the tale of the Edmonton Grads women's basketball team, which was formed in 1915 and disbanded in 1940. During that time, the team was Canadian Champion (1922-1940), North American Champion (1923-1940), and World Champion (1924-1940). Their phenomenal record of 502 wins and 20 losses remains unrivalled by any team in any sport. Shooting Stars is a thorough historical look at female athletes in an era when sports were a man’s game.

  • Standing on the Line
    2018|1 h 20 min

    TRIGGER WARNING: This film contains the following subject matter: Suicide and self harm.

    In both amateur and professional sports, being gay remains taboo. Few dare to come out of the closet for fear of being stigmatized, and for many, the pressure to perform is compounded by a further strain: whether or not to affirm their sexual orientation.

    Breaking the code of silence that prevails on the field, on the ice and in the locker room, this film takes a fresh and often moving look at some of our gay and lesbian athletes, who share their experiences with the camera. They’ve set out to overcome prejudice in the hopes of changing things for the athletes of tomorrow.