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Ancestral Knowledges (Ages 12-14)

Ancestral Knowledges (Ages 12-14)

This playlist highlights Indigenous ecological knowledge, kinship connections and ways of life rooted in relationships with each other and the land. These films provide intergenerational learning and depict different practices of relating to the land, water, and plants.

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Films in This Playlist Include
The Sacred Relationship
Poplar River
Indigenous Plant Diva
Laxwesa Wa - Strength of the River
Spirit Doctors
Stories are in our Bones

  • Poplar River
    2021|10 min

    This film explores the special connection that Poplar River First Nation has to the lands and waters surrounding their community. Poplar River community members Sophia Rabliauskas and Clint Bittern share their perspectives on the importance and intergenerational responsibility of protecting the lands and waters in their territory for generations to come.

  • Indigenous Plant Diva
    2008|9 min

    Kamala Todd's short film is a lyrical portrait of Cease Wyss, of the Squamish Nation. Wyss is a woman who understands the remarkable healing powers of the plants growing all over downtown Vancouver. Whether it's the secret curl of a fiddlehead, or the gentleness of comfrey, plants carry ageless wisdom with them, communicated through colour, texture, and form. Wyss has been listening to this unspoken language and is now passing this ancient and intimate connection down to her own daughter, Senaqwila.

  • Laxwesa Wa - Strength of the River
    1995|54 min

    As distinct fishing societies of great spiritual, cultural and economic wealth, Indigenous people have always respected the resources of their rivers and oceans. But within their own lifetime, they have watched governments "manage" the fishery into a state of crisis. Now it's time for people to listen to what Indigenous people have to say. Filmmaker Barb Cranmer, a member of the 'Namgis First Nation, explores the rich fishing traditions of the Sto:lo, Heiltsuk and 'Namgis peoples of Canada's West Coast in Laxwesa Wa - Strength of the River. With over fifteen years' experience fishing Johnstone Strait with her father, Cranmer presents rarely heard stories of traditional fishing practices and documents Indigenous peoples' efforts to build a sustainable fishery for the future.

  • Spirit Doctors
    2005|40 min

    This short documentary journeys into the spiritual world of traditional Indigenous medicine, a world inhabited by Dr. Mary Louie (a spiritual leader of the Syilx or Okanagan Nation), and her husband Ed Louie. With a lifetime of experience in the ways of spirituality, they are committed to practices that keep them accountable to the spirit world, their people, and Mother Earth. When one of the crew members get sick while shooting, his subsequent care is recorded for the purposes of this film.

  • Stories Are in Our Bones
    2019|11 min

    In this layered short film, filmmaker Janine Windolph takes her young sons fishing with their kokum (grandmother), a residential school survivor who retains a deep knowledge and memory of the land. The act of reconnecting with their homeland is a cultural and familial healing journey for the boys, who are growing up in the city. It’s also a powerful form of resistance for the women.