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The Alambic collection invites you to experience the unique and stunning vision of a group of emerging filmmakers, in a series of films each under three minutes long. Alambic is an experimental creative lab offering early-career artists the opportunity to craft original visual stories in the space of a few months.

  • Solid Ground
    Solid Ground
    2022|2 min

    Solid Ground is a poetic and sound-rich travelogue—a personal journal that reveals the thoughts of an expatriate returning to her native land. Employing the rarely used monotype animation technique, Solid Groundreflects the personal experience of discovering different lands and feeling as though one were simultaneously at home and elsewhere.

  • Modern Alchemy
    Modern Alchemy
    2022|2 min

    Strength. Challenges. Courage. Modern Alchemy depicts a quest for self-knowledge that revolves around resilience, reconstruction and rebirth. A succession of colours, each more vibrant than the last, in which one stops breathing for a moment to find a path toward inner peace.

  • By Winds and Tides
    By Winds and Tides

    Exploring the conscious, the unconscious and the self, By Winds and Tides takes a deep experimental dive into the birth of an idea—how it takes shape, how it is released. An allegorical quest, the film combines images and words into a singular sigh