5 Shorts Project - Bas-Saint-Laurent

5 Shorts Project - Bas-Saint-Laurent

For its fourth edition, the NFB’s 5 Shorts Project shines a spotlight on the talent of independent artists from the Bas-Saint-Laurent! Watch the four short documentaries produced in partnership with the Paralœil production centre in Rimouski.

The 2020 short films showcase the works of eight creators who are active participants in the local artistic community. Each of the four films was created by a filmmaker-sound artist duo: Attuned (Steve Verreault and Sébastien Dave Tremblay), Mounds (Nicolas Paquet and Tom Jacques), It'll Be Nice Out Tomorrow (Guillaume Lévesque and Antoine Létourneau-Berger) and Night Fair (Cynthia Naggar and Gueze). Carrying the magic that emerges from this artistic synergy, these short documentaries give a special place to the power of sound and the present moment. With four distinct aesthetic approaches, they express the influence of nature, machines, weather and dreams on our daily lives.

About Paralœil

Active since 1999 in Rimouski and throughout the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, Paralœil is a creation and distribution centre founded on the view of cinema as a tool for community gathering and emancipation. The only video and cinema broadcasting and production center in Quebec, it rents out equipment, sustains film culture by offering diversified programming and collaborates on several broadcasting initiatives in the region. Directed by Valérie Mongrain, the organization brings together Distribution Paralœil and the production company Par’ici.

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  • Attuned

    Steve Verreault and Sébastien Dave Tremblay accompany the naturalist photographer and biologist Hugues Deglaire during an observation walk in the forest. Rich in meditations on the benefits of being in nature, this contemplative and colourful short film gives voice to the whispers of the forest. Filmed in two days in the vicinity of Matane, Attuned calls on the sensorial to evoke the symbiosis between man and nature.

  • Mounds

    This playful documentary by Nicolas Paquet and Tom Jacques stages the monumental dance of the peat vacuum harvester, a gigantic industrial machine conceived in Rivière-du-Loup. On top of a dramatic soundtrack composed with invented instruments, workers are busy forming large mounds, which are seen in all their aesthetic splendor through the eyes of the two creators. A nod to the NFB film De la tourbe et du restant, shot in the peat bogs of the Bas-Saint-Laurent during the 1970s.

  • It'll Be Nice Out Tomorrow

    The influence of the weather on our daily lives and the immense role it plays in our conversations, day after day, are undeniable. The creators Antoine Létourneau-Berger and Guillaume Lévesque had the brilliant idea of weaving their film from snippets of meteorology talk collected in various cities of the Bas-Saint-Laurent. Focusing on human speech and its poetry, It'll Be Nice Out Tomorrow demonstrates how the uncontrollable elements permeate our collective imagination.

  • Night Fair
    2020|5 min

    Unique alliance of art and science, the experimental film Night Fair focuses on brain activity through the different cycles of a night's sleep. Through voice mail, media artist Cynthia Naggar and sound designer Gueze collected the dreams of citizens. These are ingeniously combined with graphic and sound representations generated by algorithms from anonymous medical data.

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