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100 Years of Parks Canada (Ages 12-14)

100 Years of Parks Canada (Ages 12-14)

Parks Canada is celebrating 100 years of history.

National parks are one of our most precious Canadian natural resources. With that in mind, Parks Canada has a mandate to "protect and present nationally significant examples of Canada's natural and cultural heritage and foster public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment in ways that ensure their ecological and commemorative integrity for present and future generations."

Celebrate this anniversary with us by watching 9 amazing films and discovering the landscapes that make up our beautiful country.

In addition to these films, you should also check out the National Parks Project, an initiative that brought together 13 filmmakers and 39 Canadian musicians in an effort to capture the majesty and splendour of 13 of our national parks.

  • The Enduring Wilderness
    1964|27 min

    A scenic tour of Canada's national parks, from the mountains of British Columbia to the sea-swept shores of Newfoundland. Besides the beauty of the unspoiled wilderness (and there is much of that), you see also the farsightedness of those who in the past century, set aside these territories for the enjoyment of future generations.

  • For Future Generations
    1985|54 min

    This documentary is about the conservation ethic in Canada that led to the national parks systems around the world. Includes interviews with the then-Minister of Natural Resources, Jean Chretien.

  • A Day in Pacific Rim
    1978|6 min

    This short film illustrates a day in the life at Pacific Rim National Park. Located on Vancouver Island, the park houses giant trees, drooping moss and beautiful ocean views that provide breathtaking material for an eager eye.

  • Kluane
    1981|57 min

    Kluane National Park is situated in the Yukon area of northern Canada and is a research paradise for glaciologists, geologists and other scientists. Mountaineers come to scale the impressive heights. Animals are free to roam, protected by stringent legislation. This film reveals many facets of this beautiful park, which has been declared a protected zone by UNESCO,

  • Elk Island
    1985|23 min

    This short documentary focuses on a man-made island that became the first federal sanctuary for wildlife in Canada. Situated an hour east of Edmonton, it houses one of the world's densest collections of wildlife, maintained by Parks Canada. Elk Island offers a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes activity of the island.

  • Horses of Suffield
    1998|46 min

    This documentary explores the fate of the endangered wild Suffield horses of Alberta. Located near a military base close to Medicine Hat, these animals were originally domesticated but returned to the wild over generations. These horses face endangerment because of their growing numbers and the limitations of their environment.

  • A Day in Forillon
    1978|7 min

    This short film illustrates a day in the life at Forillon National Park. Situated on the Gaspé peninsula in Quebec, the park offers spectacular views of sea, mountain and forest. A monumental landscape not to be missed. A film without words.

  • Pukaskwa National Park
    1983|17 min

    This short documentary by Bill Mason explores Pukaskwa National Park on Lake Superior, providing a background of the park's geological past and plant life. The film also shows scenes of hiking, canoeing and camping. The result is to put us back in touch with the natural elements that our ancestors both fought and enjoyed.

  • The Great Buffalo Saga

    By the late 1800s the free-ranging buffalo of the western plains of North America were almost extinct. This documentary is the story of the buffalo's revival. Live action, eye-witness accounts and archival photos document our fascination with this ancient and legendary animal.