Where I Belong

This documentary tells the story of a young man’s struggle to balance his African traditions and new Canadian home. Arinze Eze was born in Canada and raised in Nigeria. An engineer by trade, he returned to his birthplace after 20 years. There, he starts a new career in the arts and falls in love with Canadian woman. All is well until his parents come for a visit. How will they react to this new life?

Film Credits

Arinze Eze
Arinze Eze
Joe MacDonald
executive producer
Graydon McCrea
Michael Scott
Derek Mazur
picture editor
Heather Watson-Burgess
Claude Savard
Keith Eidse
Mike Yaremchuk
sound recordist
Norman Dugas
Jay Garuk
Marvin Polanski
Arinze Eze
original music composer
Arinze Eze
sound editor
Howard Rissin
re-recording mixer
Howard Rissin
Heather Watson-Burgess

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