The Voyageurs

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  • 19 min 50 s

This short film tells the tale of the men who drove big freighter canoes into the wilderness in the days when the fur trade was Canada's biggest business. The film recreates scenes of the early 19th century with a soundtrack by an all-male chorus.

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Bernard Devlin
Bernard Gosselin
Bill Mason
Robert Fleming
sound effects
Donald Wellington
sound recording
Ron Alexander
executive producer
Nicholas Balla


  • PatrickS

    “@williamself its a tune called C'est L'Aviron, a traditional song from France. While Mr. Fleming may have arrange the piece, he did not write it.” — PatrickS, 9 Nov 2015

  • NFB_Moderator

    “@williamself -- The song is unnamed! It's part of the original score composed by Robert Fleming.” — NFB_Moderator, 19 Dec 2014

  • williamself

    “I'd love to know the name of the very catchy song we hear at the opening of this film.” — williamself, 19 Dec 2014

  • sixam

    “Is the narrator supposed to be Sir George Simpson, the Hudson Bay Company governor at the time?” — sixam, 3 Mar 2014

  • gitfiddle

    “I don't know how many times I put this film on for visitors when I worked at RMHNHS. I had it pretty much memorized back then: "...simple, lusty men..." - a definite classic!” — gitfiddle, 1 Sep 2011

  • kboy

    “haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah” — kboy, 1 Nov 2010

  • kboy

    “im doing this for hw lol” — kboy, 1 Nov 2010

  • TimmyK

    “Wow! This film was played every year at my summer camp to inaugurate the annual colour wars- which was themed as a epic battle of Lumberman vs Voyageurs. I love it!” — TimmyK, 17 Jul 2010

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