The True Story of Linda M.

In 1980, Linda M. was the subject of a film about prostitution directed by Norma Bailey (Nose and Tina). It's 16 years later, and Linda renews her relationship with the filmmaker, inviting her back into her life. Now in rehab, Linda introduces her family and various boyfriends in a funny, sometimes upsetting, but always riveting account of day-to-day life.

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Norma Bailey
Norma Bailey
Joe MacDonald
executive producer
Ches Yetman
Ian Elkin
Norma Bailey
Leon Johnson
Norma Bailey
Kelly Saxberg
sound editing
Gloria Thorsteinson
Clive Perry
Randolph Peters
Greg Lowe


  • jennygirlstar

    “I watched Nose and Tina, and then I HAD to know more about where Tina ended up. Thanks goodness for this film! Now I want to know how she is now. Her son, Jason had so much good advice for her, and being in some of the same situations she was in I think that that was so helpful and probably helped her feel a bit better. Thank you Norma for making this. I fell in love with Linda's spirit and sweetness.” — jennygirlstar, 15 Jan 2014

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