Tobacco's Last Stand

Norfolk County, Ontario: the heart of Canada's country, and the front line in Canada's war against smoking. Anti-smoking forces are the enemy in a community that proudly celebrates the annual tobacco leaf harvest and supports a feisty pro-tobacco mayor. Firmly in denial about the consequences of second-hand smoke, community leaders proclaim their right to freedom and economic success against the back drop of a growing anti-smoking campaign and a heated city council debate on making the community smoke-free.

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Film Credits

Robin Benger
Peter Starr
Robin Benger
director of photography
John Westheuser
Christopher Sumpton
sound recordist
Alister Bell
sound editor
Marvyn Dennis
Joe Mancuso
Dan Sexton
Nicky Guadagni
original music composer
Claude Desjardins
Eric Robertson
Robin Benger
Trevor Haché
Wayne Pender
re-recording mixer
Lou Solakofski
executive producer
Silva Basmajian
Sylvia Sweeney

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