The Calèche Driver

A tongue-in-cheek archival film documenting a day in the life of a veteran horse-drawn carriage driver. Though the tourists that flock to the historic avenues of the Old City have changed considerably, the Old World charm of Québec City is timeless.

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Raymond Garceau
Roger Blais
executive producer
Guy Glover
Léonard Forest
Walter A. Sutton
Tommy Tweed


  • kruscito

    “@sixam--> I asked our collection curator and this is what he said: The “documentaries” from the 1950s were all staged so that it would be easier to film. The filmmakers probably paid the driver to drive people around.” — kruscito, 9 Sep 2015

  • sixam

    “Does he ever get paid? Nobody gives him any money. Or does he work for the city?” — sixam, 5 Sep 2015

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