Spirits of Havana

This feature documentary offers a glimpse of contemporary Cuba’s rich musical culture through the experiences of renowned Canadian soprano sax player and flautist Jane Bunnett. Jane and her husband, trumpeter Larry Cramer, are surrounded by the charm of Old Havana as they connect with some of the city's finest musicians—like singers Bobby Carcasses and Amado Dedeu —for a recording session. Bunnett and Cramer then venture to small towns like Cienfuegos and Camaguey, where they hook up with local musicians and visit music schools. Global music fans will be captivated by the performances of Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, a celebrated Afro-Cuban rumba group, and Desandann, a 10-member a cappella choir that sings in Haitian Creole.


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Film Credits

Jane Bunnett
Larry Cramer
Bay Weyman
Luis Osvaldo Garcia
director of photography
John Westheuser
Ricardo Acosta
Peter Starr
executive producer
Louise Lore
Tata Güines
Ernesto Gatell
Guillermo Rubalcaba
Papi Oviedo
Bobby Carcasses
Amado Dedeu
Pancho Quinto
El Nene
Merceditas Valdés
Guillermo Barreto
Los Munequitos
Los Naranjos
Victor Arencibia
Tomas Casanova
Ricardo Tessant de la Cruz
Rey Amauris Burgos Delis
Marcos Dias
Aldo Hernandez Dias
Joel Fernandez
Juan Chacon Gonzales
Gregorio Hernandez
Lazaro Ligo
Pedro Lugo Martinez
Thommy Lowry Garcia Rojas
Oscar Galan Ruiz
Julio César Gonzalez Simon
Don Pancho Terry
Amado Dedeu, Jr.
associate producer
Luis Osvaldo Garcia
sound recording engineer
Todd Fraracci
sound mix recording engineer
Daniel Pellerin
Peter Kelly
Todd Beckett
sound editor
Alan Geldart
Wayne Swingle
Steve Hammond

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