My Urban Garden

In this short film, Halifax gardener Carol Bowlby harvests a mouth-watering crop from her small backyard plot. In considering soil quality, lack of space and a short growing season challenges rather than obstacles, she offers a wealth of practical growing tips for urban gardeners. By heeding Bowlby's advice, bountiful organic gardens work equally well on apartment balconies, in small or large city lots or in a rural setting.


Polly Bennell
executive producer
Barry Cowling
Kent Nason
Mike Mahoney
Arthur McKay
Ted Haley
Harold Tsistinas
Les Halman
sound editing
Les Halman
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Steve Tittle


  • cripplewing

    “This is an excellent video about backyard gardening and should be heeded in these uncertain financial times. Carol has done a wonderful job of use it up, make it do and do without. Well done!” — cripplewing, 24 Feb 2012

  • Robertosh

    “This woman is truly inspiring. I love what she is able to do in such a smallish space!” — Robertosh, 4 Feb 2011

  • ariella f

    “This is from before organic gardening and being green was hip! Full of great, timeless advice.” — ariella f, 10 Feb 2010

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