A Map of the Mind Fields: Managing Adolescent Psychosis

Until recently a diagnosis of psychosis was seen as the end to normal life. With onset occurring most often in youth from 13 to 25, this serious mental health disorder often has tragic consequences when undiagnosed or improperly dealt with.

Psychosis is a brain disorder where an individual experiences some loss of contact with reality. Symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, paranoia and disorganized thoughts and speech. Three people share their personal stories: Amanda, 16, Max, 12, and Tara, 18.

This powerful 3-part series offers practical tools to understanding the problems and finding solutions to mental health problems among children and youth. The two other titles in the series are Beyond the Blues: Child and Youth Depression and Fighting Their Fears: Child and Youth Anxiety.

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Film Credits

Sharon Bartlett
Maria LeRose
Nijole Kuzmickas
Nijole Kuzmickas
Helen Slinger
Maria LeRose
Jude White
Max Lindenthaler
George Colmer
Chester Ptasinski
John Dowell
Stewart Lake
Lez Morrison
George Colmer
Ken McDonald
Bonni Devlin
original music
Lesley Sutherland
Fresh Air Studios
Tim Johnson

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