Japan Inc: Lessons for North America?

This short documentary is an absorbing study of Japanese business and industry. Discipline and productivity in Japan are much more regimented than in many other parts of the world. For the 110 million Japanese, survival means doing things together, rather than asserting a North American-style individualism. Japan's industry has automated and computerized at an unparalleled rate. Open-concept offices and collaborative work styles offer a model of the changing style of modern work that could inspire the West to modify their processes as well.

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Film Credits

Kalle Lasn
Kalle Lasn
Kalle Lasn
executive producer
John Taylor
Peter Jones
John Coney
Joe Wiesenfeld
Bill Schmalz
Yukio Yamashita
Fumio Sakuma
sound mixer
Paul Sharpe
Stan Peters
Hideo Iso

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