Inside Time

This short documentary is a portrait of Stephen Reid, a man sentenced for 18 years for bank robbery. A notorious member of the "Stopwatch Gang," Reid who once lived out the crazy, frantic life of the outlaw bandit. Now confined to a prison cell, he has a lot of time to reflect on the journey that brought him to this moment, something that has made him acutely conscious of the here and now.

Film Credits

Jason Young
Jason Young
Stephen Reid
Annette Clarke
Lawrence Jackman
Jay Ferguson
sound recordist
Arthur McKay
sound editor
Lori Clarke
original music composer
archival research
Lee Anne Gillan
Elizabeth Klinck
Susan Musgrave
Jean Paul Vialard
executive producer
Kent Martin

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  • kvnjns

    “This is possibly interesting if you realize everything Reid says generally about people in society are actually personal statements about himself, as he hasn't really spent much time in society... There are way too many completely irrelevant shots of an amusement park and a spider eating a fly.” — kvnjns, 18 Jan 2015

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