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If I Was God...

2015 8 min
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What would you do if you suddenly found yourself charged with God-like powers?

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If I Was God...



In this short animated film, a Grade 7 boy’s mind starts to wander while dissecting a frog in Biology class. What would you do if you suddenly found yourself charged with God-like powers? Would you use them for good? For bad? Perhaps a little of both? The possibilities seem endless. Oh to have the power to toy with life and death, to create monsters who can punish those who torment him daily, or better yet, to create that one perfect day with Lily, the love of his 12-year-old life!
  • writer
    Cordell Barker
  • director
    Cordell Barker
  • design
    Cordell Barker
  • editor
    Cordell Barker
  • stop motion animation
    Sylvie Trouvé
    Dale Hayward
    Cordell Barker
  • stop-motion supervisor
    Dale Hayward
  • 2D animation
    Cordell Barker
  • 2D animation assistant
    Chris Cormier
  • compositing
    Fred Casia
  • stereographer
    Fred Casia
  • cinematographer
    Stephanie Weber Biron
  • rig removal compositing
    Dale Hayward
    Sylvie Trouvé
  • lighting assistant
    Peter Lavender
  • online editor
    Denis Pilon
  • puppet fabricator
    Laurent Canniccioni
    Emily Bélanger
  • puppet costumes
    Susana Vera
  • sets
    Deborah Sullivan
    Samantha Scafidi
  • props
    Deborah Sullivan
    Samantha Scafidi
    Cordell Barker
  • puppets
    Cordell Barker
  • puppet armatures
    Thea Pratt
    Erik Goulet
  • stop-motion intern
    Audrey Meubus
  • original music
    Luigi Allemano
  • sound design
    Luigi Allemano
  • musician
    Luigi Allemano
    Didier Dumoutier
    François Pilon
    John Sadowy
    Adrian Vedady
  • music recording
    Geoffrey Mitchell
    Padraig Buttner-Schnirer
  • voice
    Cordell Barker
    Natalie Viebrock
  • ADR
    John Schritt
  • foley artist
    Andy Malcolm
    Goro Koyama
    Sandra Fox
  • foley recording mixer
    Jack Heeren
  • foley recordist
    Jenna Dalla Riva
    Stephen Muir
  • re-recording
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • script consultant
    Jason Sherman
  • production supervisor
    Mark Power
  • technical coordinator
    Steve Hallé
  • technical director
    Éloi Champagne
  • centre operations manager
    Darin Clausen
  • studio administrator
    Bree Beach
    Ginette D'Silva
  • production coordinator
    Faye Yoneda
    Jasmine Pullukatt
  • marketing manager
    Christine Noël
  • executive producer
    David Christensen
  • producer
    Michael Fukushima
    David Christensen

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Ages 10 to 18
Study Guide

Warnings: Disturbing imagery


  • What did the boy do with his god-like powers? Was any of that really happening?
    • The film moves at a quick pace. Use this to allow your students to ask questions and clarify any of the events of the film.
  • With the gift of god-like abilities, what would be the first thing you would do? Why?
    • Allow this to spark discussion on what the boy in the film daydreamed about as well as what your students would do in this fantastical situation.
  • With great power, comes great responsibility
    • Lead a discussion on the moral aspect of power, and whether or not those who have power should be responsible for the wellbeing of those who do not.
If I Was God...
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