Hot Stuff

This tongue-in-cheek animated short serves as a cautionary tale against the hazards of fire. Early humans were given the gift of fire, but warned against the dangers, warnings that eventually fell by the wayside. In modern society, overloaded electrical sockets, smouldering cigarettes and other dangers lay around every corner, posing possible threats to life and property.

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Don Arioli
Zlatko Grgic
Zlatko Grgic
Bill Brooks
sound effects
Bill Graziadei
Don Arioli
Gerald Budner
John Howe
animation camera
Simon Leblanc
George Croll
Wolf Koenig
Robert Verrall


  • Sk8artomCollins

    “I Seen This on Cartoon Network Programming TV Series Show Call O Canada Since January 8, 1997 – March 6, 2002 It featured a selection of animated shorts From Canada mostly from the archives of the National Film Board of Canada and Some of the animated shorts featured were part of the NFB's Canada Vignettes collection of shorts first produced for CBC Television One of Shorts Was This One Hot Stuff This is The Bests Animated Shorts of All Time!” — Sk8artomCollins, 17 Jan 2015

  • SCoulter91

    “I watched so many of Zlatko Grgic's animations as a kid (born 91), and when I stumbled upon this website and "Hot Stuff" I was overjoyed. It still makes me laugh so hard! I love it!” — SCoulter91, 29 Oct 2014

  • Snodgerino

    “Man, I loved this as a kid! It freaked me out!” — Snodgerino, 12 Oct 2011

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