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The future of the world is perhaps being played out in an elementary school in Quebec, where a teacher is implementing a new teaching method (Action Research) aimed at preparing children to take up environmental challenges.

During a very special school year, the students of Dominique Leduc's Grade 6 class are learning to identify, analyze and resolve a problem that exists in their world. They are also learning about the uncertainty faced by those who want to change things. A unique and invaluable witness to this experimental educational project, the documentary demonstrates how this teaching method is important in developing critical intelligence in students, but it also underlines the crucial role of the teacher. Director emeritus Fernand Dansereau reminds us therefore that we must still look to the human instinct to find reasons to hope.

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Fernand Dansereau
Fernand Dansereau
Fernand Dansereau
Julien Fontaine
sound recording
Stéphane Barsalou
Hélène Girard
sound editing
Luc Mandeville
Serge Boivin
Luc Léger
Hubert Fielden
Nicolas Gagnon
original music
Francine Beaudry
Dominique Leduc
Andrès Alfaro
Raphaël Aubin
Améliane Barrette-Sévigny
Camille Bélanger
David Bissonnette
Marco Caceres Ordonez
Camille Chapdelaine
Isabelle Cloutier
Aleksandra Collin
Steve Desjardins
Sandrine Dupont
Guillaume Gagné-Legault
Marie-Pier Gallant
François Gosselin-Racicot
Annabelle Lamoureux-Drapeau
Guillaume Leduc-Lavigne
Marie-Christine Leroux
Maxime Massé
Samuel Ouellette-Marion
Nicolas Pelletier
Nicolas Perreault
Maude Perron
Élizabeth Richard
Dominik Roy Tremblay
David Blais
Jean-Marc Bouchard
Kim Brodeur
François Cormier
Nathalie Côté
Jean-Philippe Fortin
Denis Pelletier
Audrey Perron
Stéphane Plante
Claude Poudrier
Nathalie Robitaille
Lyne Savaria
Nathalie Trudeau
Valérie Veilleux
Lyne D'Auteuil
Pierre Curzi
Gilles Plante
Jean Gaudreault
executive producer
Yves Bisaillon
Monique Simard
Christian Medawar


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