Hélicoptère Canada

Le film a été préparé pour les milliers de visiteurs attendus au Canada en 1967 et montre la beauté du pays et les divertissements qu'il offre. L'atmosphère du film est humoristique et la musique, entraînante.

Film Credits

Eugene Boyko
Eugene Boyko
Peter Jones
Tom Daly
Rex Tasker
sound editing
Victor Merrill
Donald Brittain
Derek May
Malca Gillson

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  • kruscito

    “@Pfdorion --> A lot of the music in this film was created in-house by NFB composers, and is sadly not available through any music publisher. I have the cue sheet I'll e-mail to you.” — kruscito, 18 Jul 2012

  • pfdorion

    “I need some help concerning this film. Where or how can I find the titles of the different music pieces/song that are played during the film.” — pfdorion, 16 Jul 2012

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