Harry Jerome : The Fastest Man on Earth

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  • 10 min 17 s

This short film is a condensed version of our feature documentary Mighty Jerome, made especially for elementary and middle-school classes. Canadian athlete Harry Jerome overcame racism to reach the height of track-and-field success. When an injury ended his career, Jerome continued training and went on to achieve one of the greatest comebacks in sports history.

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  • Scocasso

    “"...and because they couldn't believe that a Canadian could have run that fast they rounded it to ten point flat..." Bastards!! Reminds me of the crap Graeme Obree went through.” — Scocasso, 11 Nov 2010

  • Renee

    “Wonderful story of a true Canadian hero. A story of a young mans struggle with life in a white world. With the help of those that believed in him and loved him - over came the critics, the injuries, and the racism. Thoughtful, sensitive and eye opening. ” — Renee, 11 Oct 2010

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