George-Étienne Cartier: The Lion of Québec

This short biopic profiles Montreal lawyer-turned-politician George-Étienne Cartier as he campaigns to unite English and French Canada under Confederation. The political world of a century ago comes to life as we hear debates in the Parliament of Upper and Lower Canada amidst political strife and personal feuds. Ultimately, Cartier skilfully allays the fears of party and sectional leaders, convincing them that federal union would protect, rather than weaken, Quebec’s cherished rights of language and religion. The eloquent and enigmatic Cartier was instrumental in shaping the Canada that was soon to emerge.

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John Howe
Julian Biggs
executive producer
Guy Glover
Charles Cohen
Reginald Morris
Joseph Champagne
Ron Alexander
sound editing
Kathleen Shannon
Robert Christie
Paul Hébert
Roger Marshall
William Needles
John Vernon
Jacques Auger
Denis Drouin
Ivor Barry
Anne Lauriault
Larry Zahab
Walter Massey