Gentleman Jekyll and Driver Hyde

This short doc is a novel look at driver safety and the consequences of a change from Jekyll to Hyde behind the wheel of a car. A truck driver explains why this transformation threatens everybody on the road. He points out that the people responsible for traffic accidents may be mild-mannered on the sidewalk, but that they turn into reckless speed demons on the road. To prove his point, he takes us on a breathtaking ride with one such driver.


David Bairstow
Don Mulholland
Don Mulholland
Lorne C. Batchelor
Peter Jones
Clarke Daprato
Nicholas Balla
Horace Clarke



    “so true even today” —, 25 Apr 2015

  • KnitsALot

    “The sad thing is, all his points are still valid. We need more angels and fewer Hyde's behind the wheel. But the Hyde's appear to be winning. ” — KnitsALot, 14 Dec 2011

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