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  • Claude Guilmain,
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  • 3 min 3 s

This short documentary is comprised of archival footage and letters sent home from the front during the First World War. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 2008, 90 years will have passed since the signing of the Armistice ending the Great War in Europe. More than 600,000 men and women crossed the Atlantic with the Canadian Expeditionary Force, and more than 60,000 of them never returned. Front Lines features veterans' letters to their families and images from the NFB archives, the Canadian War Museum and Library and Archives Canada.

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  • grannylin46

    “This film realy touched my heart, These people went to war so we could have peace. Thank-You” — grannylin46, 5 Aug 2010

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Film Credits

Claude Guilmain
Claude Guilmain
Claude Guilmain
Paul Gross
Joe Dinicol
Jean Yoon
Philip Graeme
Dylan Roberts
Colm Feore
Steve Baker
Paul Fauteux
Jordon Pettle
research advisor
Michel Litalien
director of photography
François Dagenais
Peter Vinet
sound editing
Daniel Toussaint
sound design
Daniel Toussaint
Stéphane Cadotte
original music
Claude Naubert
Serge Boivin
Anne-Marie Rocher
executive producer
Jacques Turgeon

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