From Harling Point

This documentary tells the story of a Chinese cemetery in BC that became a National Heritage site. For Chinese pioneers who died in Canada, Victoria's Chinese Cemetery at Harling Point was a temporary resting place until their bones could be returned home. (Traditional Chinese belief says that the soul of a person who dies in a foreign place wanders lost until their bones are returned home.) This film traces the rich history of the Vancouver Island cemetery from controversy and neglect to its revival as a historic site. Told by those closest to it, the story of Harling Point is a metaphor for Canada, a country still working on making a home for all who live within its borders.

Film Credits

Ling Chiu
Selwyn Jacob
Janice Brown
Ian Kerr
Anna Hostman
sound supervisor
Gael MacLean
location sound
Peter Wong
Laara Ong
historical consultant
David C.Y. Lai
Michelle Bjornson
Don White
Grace Salez
re-recording mixer
Mark Hensley
Jim Wong-Chu
Charlayne Thornton-Joe
Edna Chow
David C.Y. Lai
Geraldine Peet
Paul Chan
executive producer
Graydon McCrea
Svend-Erik Eriksen
Rina Fraticelli

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  • LinghuChong

    “Poignant, fantastic stuff. Please make this available for downloadable purchase!” — LinghuChong, 9 Sep 2012

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