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The filmmakers were given remarkable freedom to record the historic 1984 contract negotiations between the United Auto Workers and General Motors Corporation. Bob White, labour leader of the Canadian branch of the UAW, must also confront his American counterpart from Detroit and succeeds in arriving at a contract that is significantly Canadian. His members had already given him a mandate to fight for independence from the American union. This is an invaluable document for anyone interested in the complexities of United States-Canada relations. It's an extraordinary film about revolutionary events.

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  • director
    Sturla Gunnarsson
    Robert Collison
  • producer
    John Kramer
    Sturla Gunnarsson
    Robert Collison
  • executive producer
    John Spotton
  • writer
    Robert Collison
  • photography
    Len Gilday
  • sound
    Brian Avery
    Ian Hendry
  • editing
    Jeff Warren
  • re-recording
    Terry Cooke
  • narrator
    Henry Ramer
  • music
    Jack Lenz

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  • Sloanwolf

    Not only am i passionate about this subject but this documentary was filmed amazingly detailed, personal and realistic. This should be shown in every highschool across the country!

    Sloanwolf, 22 Mar 2012
  • Leischa

    This film was used as teaching material on an industrial relations Masters programme I did. It's absolutely exceptional - probably the best film about trade unions I've ever seen.

    Leischa, 2 Jun 2011