Farewell Oak Street

This documentary presents a before-and-after picture of people in a large-scale public housing project in Toronto. Due to a housing shortage, they were forced to live in squalid, dingy flats and ramshackle dwellings on a crowded street in Regent Park North; now they have access to new, modern housing developments designed to offer them privacy, light and space.


  • LordDufferin

    “Mom,grandma and me lived in a one room plus a small kitchen with an ice box in a rooming house. 2 bathrooms for 10 units on Pembrooke street. Moved into north Regent 1955 and was heaven for a 9 year old.Lived there 11 years and we took pride in this. When we moved out the drugs were coming in. 7 years later a hooker was murdered in my bedroom. I think when the east Asians moved in it was starting a comeback.Now they're tearing them down and building a mixed sterile community and being a prime development area I foresee eventually getting the poor out of here because there is no money to be made here.Living in Barrie I see the same thing happening. There is no money in building these units rather building a 20 floor condo generates more taxes and profits while half of these buyers mortgage themselves to death.SCREW THE POOR-WHO NEEDS PUBLIC HOUSING-LET THEM IT FOOD BANK CAKE! ” — LordDufferin, 4 Nov 2012

  • Shawn

    “Wonderful film. I now live in the same neighbourhood in Montreal that my mom's family couldn't wait to move out of. A single floor in my 100-year old condo triplex is worth more than the suburban home I was raised in! How times and attitudes change...” — Shawn, 3 Oct 2011

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Film Credits

Grant McLean
Gordon Burwash
Gordon Burwash
executive producer
Guy Glover
Robert Humble
Clarke Daprato
Fergus McDonell
sound editing
Kenneth Heeley-Ray
Lorne Greene
Eldon Rathburn
Roxanna Bond
Bonnie Brooks
Gerald Campbell
Eric Clavering
Andy Halmay
Cosie Lee
Edgar Marshall
Douglas Masters
Jim McRae
Kate Reid

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