The Face of the High Arctic

This short documentary studies the geological evolution that has gone on for millions of years in the High Arctic. Following the evidence of glaciers that have advanced and receded, the film also traces life forms that have changed with the climate.

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Dalton Muir
Dalton Muir
Hugh O'Connor
executive producer
Tom Daly
Strowan Robertson
William Greaves
Michael Kane
Robert Fleming


  • sixam

    “I love the music on this film. It is wistful and reflects contrasting perspectives of the Arctic landscape: At times it is viewed as either beautiful or bleak. I especially like the crescendo at about the seventh minute.” — sixam, 29 Jul 2014

  • Nathaniel

    “Some absolutely wonderful sense... and I would truly love to go dog sledging across the lot! And maybe even take a few friends on a sledging trip with me :)” — Nathaniel, 14 Nov 2013

  • rontros

    “Excellent film!” — rontros, 19 Jul 2013

  • “This is my favourite NFB film. It is a fantastic look into how the arctic was portrayed to Canadians. Note how evil everything is made out to be. No wonder we neglected the arctic for so long. ” — Oneriver, 4 Dec 2010

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