Exiles in Lotusland

This feature documentary tells the story of 2 teens who head out west in search of self. Like a quarter of Vancouver’s itinerant youth population, Mélo and Ti-criss made the trip from Quebec, hopeful for a better life. Still minors, the pair seeks escape and adventure, perhaps the meaning of life. From east to west, from the streets to a hotel, with a welcome interlude in the country, they seek their place in society.

This film deals with mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised

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Mélissa «Mélo» Cossette
Dany «Ti-Criss» Nadeau
Karl Desmeules
Dominique Boivin
Mylène Fortin
Véronique Smith
Benjamin St-Jean
Jonathan «Chip» Plante
Charles «Fiston» Frappier
Danielle Marcotte
Ellen «Mom» Shonsta
Francis «Vitamine» Guitard
Nicolas Lamarque
Phillipe Fortin
Yanick Delcourt
Claudia Gauthier
Ilan Saragosti
Ilan Saragosti
script advisor
Colleen Murphy
Georgette Duchaine
Ilan Saragosti
Catherine Turmel
Carolyne Grimard
Dave Dumouchel
Ilan Saragosti
Kirk Tougas
Marc Gadoury
Ilan Saragosti
Jeff Henschel
Jean Routhier
Esther Auger
Sylvain Vary
Mika Goodfriend
Patrick Brereton
Brooke Thomson
Natacha Dufaux
sound editing
Claude Chevalier
sound design
Claude Chevalier
original music
Jonathan Lander
Avrum Nadigel
re-recording mixer
Shelley Craig
Claudette Jaiko