The End of Time (Trailer)

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*In theatres December 2012*

In this feature documentary, filmmaker Peter Mettler takes on the elusive subject of time, and once again trains his camera on the unfilmmable. From the particle accelerator in Switzerland, where scientists seek to probe regions of time we cannot see; to the disintegration of inner city Detroit and a Hindu funeral rite near the place of BuddhaÂ’s enlightenment, Mettler explores our perception of time.

The End of Time premieres at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival's Master programme in September. Produced by maximage GmbH and Grimthorpe Film inc., in coproduction with the National Film Board of Canada.

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Film Credits

Peter Mettler
Peter Mettler
Gerry Flahive
Cornelia Seitler
Ingrid Veninger
Brigitte Hofer

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