Encounter with Saul Alinsky - Part 2: Rama Indian Reserve

In this short film, young Indians test their inherently tolerant philosophy against the more pragmatic ideas of Saul Alinsky. The Indians argue for a revision of the hundred-year-old Indian Act by peaceful persuasion. Alinsky advocates a more direct development of power to bring about the changes they seek.

From the playlist : Challenge for Change

Encounter with Saul Alinsky – Part 2: Rama Indian Reserve is one of three CFC films shot with U.S. political organizer Saul Alinsky in advance of the five-part series Organizing for Power: The Alinsky Approach (directed by Bonnie Sherr Klein). In this film, a group of First Nations youth challenge the relevance of Alinsky's ideas within the context of the Indian Act and its disenfranchising effects within reserves and across the national Aboriginal community. The film is noteworthy for the appearance of a young Duke Redbird, a member of the Saugeen First Nation Territory, who would go on to a life of social activism and education as an Ojibwa elder. He is perhaps best known for his poetry and a command performance for Queen Elizabeth for her Silver Jubilee in 1978.

— Thomas Waugh, Ezra Winton, Michael Baker

Film Credits

Peter Pearson
Barrie Howells
John Kemeny

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  • SaloonSinger

    “Interesting discussion. I first read of this encounter in MacLean's. His experience with these people is similar to later experiences that AIM leaders had with Canadian Natives. They want change, they blame their government for the status quo but at the same time, they expect the government to bring about change.” — SaloonSinger, 6 May 2011

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