Cuckoo, Mr. Edgar!

This charming and amusing animated short for young children offers a timely lesson about the joys of fatherly love. Mr. Edgar's life runs like clockwork - which is not surprising since he's a cuckoo in a cuckoo clock. Not only is he very punctual, he is also compulsively neat and tidy. But one stormy evening, his little world is turned upside down. A branch hit by lightning falls to the ground, dislodging a nest, and three eggs plop uninvited into Mr. Edgar's living room. In no time at all, they hatch into a trio of rambunctious baby birds. It's a crash course in fatherhood for our confirmed bachelor. The hungry little birds take up all his time and attention... but eventually worm their way into his affections.

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Film Credits

Pierre M. Trudeau
Pierre M. Trudeau
Thérèse Descary
associate producer
Marc Bertrand
Pierre M. Trudeau
Pierre-Michel Tremblay
Denys Saint-Denis
Claude Langlois
José Heppell
sound recording
Geoffrey Mitchell
Patrick Viegas
Serge Boivin
Jean Paul Vialard
A.J. Henderson
Louis Gagné

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