Come Again in Spring

This gentle tale about mortality works in subliminal ways. When an old man is visited by Death at his home in the meadows, he has to delve deep to secure more time for himself. Does he have the strength to find the answers he needs? Can we negotiate our time on earth? How do we reconcile our mortal fate? A lyrical look at a reality as old as humanity, yet as young as today. Based on a story by Richard Kennedy.

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Belinda Oldford
Belinda Oldford
Judith Gruber-Stitzer
sound design
Judith Gruber-Stitzer
Jack Duffy
David Hemblen
Pierre Plouffe
Monique V├ęzina
Serge Boivin
Shelley Craig
executive producer
David Verrall
Marcy Page


  • Lilofee13

    “Thank you, Belinda, for this beautiful and atmospheric movie. I have read the story by Richard Kennedy and love it (like all his stories, especially Amy's Eyes), and would not have believed someone could make a film of it - and NOT spoil it. But you did, congratulations. At first I was first doubting the last scene was equally felicitous or valid as the other 99% of the film - you know, when Death turns into black birds (which is not part of the original story and gives him kind of an evil appearance, though he is just doing his job) but after some consideration, I believe now, it is. For a movie is a movie (is a movie...) - and a book is a book. You found a visual metaphor for the defeat of Death. And although he is, and has to be, kind towards the old man, his ambiguity is present also in the written story. Once again: Congratulations! ” — Lilofee13, 22 Oct 2010

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