Julia Kwan's short film captures the experience of a young woman as she travels to a new country. As summer opens into spring, mother and daughter build a life together. The taste and texture of each season, whether the ice-cream smell of summer, the crisp birch air of autumn, or the warmth of winter dumplings -- are lovingly rendered in animation, sound and image. Throughout the passage of time, the persistence of love endures, as resolute and unchanging as the cycle of the season.

This film was produced in partnership with VANOC and Canada CODE for the 2010 Cultural Olympiad.

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    “the actress looks like Chinese woman..” —, 13 Feb 2010


    “Absolutely lovely !” —, 12 Feb 2010

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Film Credits

Julia Kwan
Julia Kwan
director of photography
C. Kim Miles
Elisa Chee
Aparna Kapur
Elisa Chee
Aparna Kapur
production designer
Mary Ann Liu
sound design
Jamie Mahaffey
Pakou Her
re-recording engineer
Jamie Mahaffey
executive producer
Tracey Friesen

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