Bate's Car: Sweet as a Nut

This short film presents Mr. Bate, an inventor who discovers a substitute for gasoline in barnyard manure. Even though he fits the classic mould of single-minded know-how and practical dreamer, his discovery is tried and tested. He demonstrates how his home-made digester does turn manure into potent methane gas that powers his auto. And for good measure, he demonstrates his latest sustainable invention – a bicycle powered by the bumps on the road.

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Tony Ianzelo
Michael Rubbo
executive producer
Colin Low
Kenneth McCready
Tony Ianzelo
Allan Morgan
Malca Gillson
Jean-Guy Normandin
Michel Descombes


  • csquires

    “I've read about this man's life- what an inspiration. Took his family to other continents. Wonderful human being, was very philanthropic to his death. He inspires me to put together an anerobic digester on my farm on a small scale to teach others about this renewable energy. My state of Washington already has methane digestors that produce electricity from cow manure. Does anyone know where I can get Harold Bates kit/converter to change one of my cars?” — csquires, 5 Apr 2012

  • jrose

    “What a wonderful contribution to technology and the world.” — jrose, 29 Feb 2012

  • PeterPiper

    “Shinobi, Yes it was childish. this man clearly has a prosthetic leg, so making fun of him over that seems a bit harsh. Do you not imagine that Bates himself might read these comments?” — PeterPiper, 16 Dec 2011

  • Shinobi

    “This guy is way ahead of his time! Genius! Does anybody think he would make a great zombie with the right makeup job? He certainly has the zombie walk! (sorry, kind of childish I know)” — Shinobi, 16 Jun 2010

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