After the Ballot

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After the Ballot is a full-length documentary portraying the gruelling everyday life of two Members of Quebec's National Assembly who, although at opposite ends of the political spectrum, share the fact that their sole power lies in their convictions. One is Daniel Turp, the PQ Member for Mercier. The other is Charlotte L'Écuyer, Liberal MNA for Pontiac. The film aptly illustrates that ordinary MNAs have very little authority since the real power is held by ministers who are subject to the ups and downs of a globalized economy. Meanwhile, their fellow citizens keep asking for the impossible…

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Film Credits

Charlotte L'Écuyer
Daniel Turp
Manuel Foglia
Manuel Foglia
Manuel Foglia
Manuel Foglia
location sound
Manuel Foglia
picture editing
Aube Foglia
sound editing
Mathieu Beaudin
original music
Michel F. Côté
Alain Dauphinais
Lise Wedlock
Serge Boivin
Shelley Craig
executive producer
Yves Bisaillon
Christian Medawar

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