This online workshop:

  • Is turn-key, easy to use in-class or at home
  • Allows you to pick and choose from among 100+ hands-on activities
  • Builds media literacy and digital citizenship
  • Features project-based learning
  • Integrates with several school subjects (Arts, Social Sciences, French and English, etc.)
  • Includes evaluation grids and pedagogical guides

Stories are everywhere.Give your students the tools to tell them.

This online workshop provides educators a step-by-step introduction to the fundamentals of digital storytelling, like:

  • photography;
  • editing;
  • research;
  • writing narration;
  • online ethics;
  • copyright;
  • distribution.

Media School offers students the chance to become visual storytellers, all while acquiring new competencies that’ll help them improve their narrative skills and express their creativity!

  • Meet Paul Tom

    Meet Paul Tom

    Director and mentor

    Telling stories about real people is what filmmaker and Media School mentor Paul Tom has been up to for the past 12 years. His projects give a voice to the voiceless and open to dialogue and encounters.

“I have learned a bunch of new techniques that have answered a lot of questions for me, on how to help students produce better videos. It has given me some new approaches to take that I would never had come up with on my own.”

Paul Brown, Teacher - Brampton, Ontario

"[Media School] includes information that… is important for student[s] of a digital age to learn... I was consistently engaged, and the concepts being repeated helped me to test my understanding and gave… deeper insights when the answers were provided. The pro tips were very clear and helpful. Easy to follow!"

Michelle Montgomery, Teacher, Toronto, Ontario

Technical requirements

Any type of computer that supports the most recent versions of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

Some lessons are not compatible with touchscreens. More details about supported devices.

Please refer to the Internet connection requirements before starting the workshop in the classroom.

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