Interactive productions

Interactive productions are the perfect conduits to authentic, action-based learning. The NFB has a growing collection of innovative digital productions that are suitable for educational settings.

Offering fresh approaches to standard school subjects, they nurture digital literacy while providing multiple perspectives on critical social issues.

  • Holy Mountain!

    An iconic Canadian landmark—Montreal’s Mount Royal—is evoked through the experience of people who live, work and play on its slopes. An interactive environment that explores history and contemporary culture through the prism of a great urban park.


  • The Test Tube with David Suzuki

    Scientist David Suzuki provides an arresting illustration of the devastating effects of exponential growth. The project features adept integration of user input and live Twitter data, and a complementary Educator’s Guide.


  • HIGHRISE/Out My Window

    An ambitious web production that highlights urban issues and "vertical living" around the planet. Inside OUT MY WINDOW – Global Education Lab offers ideas for classroom use.


  • Flub and Utter

    Writer Jordan Scott investigates the power and constraints of poetry, encouraging creativity in the language arts. A playlist of related titles offers extra resources on self-expression and disability.


  • Welcome to Pine Point

    Auteur documentary takes the form of an interactive scrapbook in this imaginative history of an abandoned mining town. Inventive digital storytelling invites students to reflect on the nature of collective memory.


  • Bear 71

    An interactive documentary that blends raw video footage with ingenious storytelling to investigate our complex relationship with wildlife. Winner of the FWA’s Site of the Year Award for 2012.


  • Here At Home

    A compelling web-based documentary that profiles At Home, a groundbreaking project undertaken by the Mental Health Commission of Canada with the aim of ending chronic homelessness.