We Were Children

1 h 23 min
Tim Wolochatiuk

In this feature film, the profound impact of the Canadian government’s residential school system is conveyed through the eyes of 2 children who were forced to face hardships beyond their years. As young children, Lyna and Glen were taken from their homes and placed in church-run boarding schools, where they suffered years of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, the effects of which persist in their adult lives. We Were Children gives voice to a national tragedy and demonstrates the incredible resilience of the human spirit.

Awards and distinctions

  • Honourable Mention for Best in Unscripted- History & Biography World Media Festival - Banff, 2014
  • Best History and Biography Program World Media Festival - Banff, 2014
  • Best Photography in a Documentary Program or Series (Jeremy Benning CSC, Kim Bell) Canadian Screen Awards - Toronto, 2014
  • Best Sound in an Information/Documentary or Lifestyle Program or Series (Daniel Pellerin, Howard Rissin, Jeremy Maclaverty, John Sievert, Randy Wilson, Rob Hutchins, Stan Mak, Stefan Fraticelli) Canadian Screen Awards - Toronto, 2014
  • Best Public Service Annual American Indian Film Festival - San Francisco, 2013