It'll Be Nice Out Tomorrow

Antoine Létourneau-Berger & Guillaume Lévesque
2020 | 4 min
IMPORTANT: For the optimal experience, please use headphones and turn up the volume.

The influence of the weather on our daily lives and the immense role it plays in our conversations, day after day, are undeniable. The creators Guillaume Lévesque and Antoine Létourneau-Berger had the brilliant idea of weaving their film from snippets of meteorology talk collected in various cities of the Bas-Saint-Laurent. Focusing on human speech and its poetry, It'll Be Nice Out Tomorrow demonstrates how the uncontrollable elements permeate our collective imagination.

For its fourth edition, the NFB’s 5 Shorts Project shines a spotlight on the talent of independent artists from the Bas-Saint-Laurent! Watch the four short documentaries produced in partnership with the Paralœil production centre in Rimouski.

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