Fair Phyllis

Beth Portman
2003 | 9 min
Fair Phyllis affirms to all women 'You're not alone!' in the craziness of busy, multi-tasking lives--what with the demands of career, the kids or just trying to get a moment alone with your man. This short animated film delights in celebrating the resiliency and resourcefulness of the female sex. Set in an 18th century pastoral countryside, Fair Phyllis the shepherdess struggles with her chaotic woolly world. Will she find balance or crack under the shear stress of it all?

Awards and distinctions

  • Honorable Mention - Category: Entertainment
    International Film and Video Festival, Columbus
  • Unicef Award
    Festival internacional de Cine para Ninos / DIVERCINE, Montevideo
  • ZeD's People's Choice Award - with a cash award 1,000$
    Edmonton International Film Festival, Edmonton
  • AMPIA Award - Best Animation Short
    Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association - AMPIA, Edmonton
  • Bronze Plaque Award - Category: Social Issues
    International Film and Video Festival, Columbus