Circle of the Sun

Colin Low
1960 | 29 min
This short documentary by Colin Low is an invitation to a gathering of the Káínaa of Alberta - as the Sun Dance is captured on film for the first time. The film shows how the theme of the circle reflects the bands' connection to wildlife and also addresses the predicament of the young generation, those who have relinquished their ties with their own culture but have not yet found a firm place in a changing world.

Awards and distinctions

  • Best Film
    Film Festival, Victoria
  • First Prize - Category: General
    International Documentary Film Festival, Yorkton
  • Best Film on Folklore
    Festival of Tourist and Folklore Films, Brussels
  • Silver Oak Leaf - First Prize - Category: Documentary
    International Children's Film Festival, La Plata
  • First Prize - Category: Tourist Films
    Electronic, Nuclear and Teleradio cinematographic Review, Rome
  • Honourable Mention
    Festival dei Popoli / International Festival of the Peoples, Florence
  • Honorable Mention
    SODRE International Festival of Documentary and experimental Films, Montevideo
  • Diploma of Honour and Trophy
    Festival international du film de tourisme, Tarbes
  • Award of Merit - Category: General Information
    Annual Canadian Film Awards, Toronto