Mystery in the Kitchen

Mystery in the Kitchen

                                Mystery in the Kitchen
| 22 min

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Why does a housewife concerned for her family's welfare feed them so inadequately that she endangers their very lives? The film is a humorous and satirical attempt to remind the average housewife that it is not enough to be aware of modern food facts; they must also be applied in daily food purchasing and preparation.

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  • director
    Don Haldane
  • producer
    Guy Glover
  • script
    Herb Hosie
  • camera
    Reginald Morris
  • editing
    David Mayerovitch
  • sound editing
    Michael McKennirey
  • music
    Eldon Rathburn
  • cast
    Robert Berger
    Norman Ettlinger
    Mireille Goulet
    Frank Heron

  • milelam

    Misinformed, misguided, and indifferent -- a prominent phenomenon of a majority of the Western population with regards to food, nutrition, and health. Over 50 years old and this short has managed to remain at least that relevant!

    milelam, 30 Mar 2014