Children of Alcohol

This short documentary focuses on the children of alcoholics. In the relaxed environment of a mountain campsite, a group of young people discuss their anger and frustration, and talk about their struggle to cope with the problems created by their parents' drinking. By sharing their experiences, they open a door for others like them. Aimed primarily at an audience of elementary school children and older, this film provides an excellent vehicle for generating discussion about alcohol abuse and the family.

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Gil Cardinal
Anne Wheeler
executive producer
Tom Radford
Bev Ross
Doug Cole
Garrell Clark
Harvey Spak
Anne Wheeler
Gil Cardinal
sound editing
Gerald K. Wilson
Jean-Pierre Joutel
Kris Purdy
Lawrence Reese


  • Elaineee

    “tTHANK YOU FOR SHARING. Prayers for theses Children” — Elaineee, 2 Jan 2012

  • yuallthetime

    “The first girl who spoke was like 13 yrs old going on 40. These kids where angry but then when they opened up they could finally work through the guilt. I wonder how these kids turned out. How many learned not to drink and are some dry alcoholics? Are some living on the streets or living at all? Thank you for this film Gil. This is an important reminder of how alcoholism affects families. Even I hung my head when the boy talked about dad getting drunk always at Christmas because my father did too. Your brother painted pictures with paint and brushes and you Gil, paint with film. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. Great art!” — yuallthetime, 23 Jan 2010

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