The Devil's Toy

This short 1966 documentary dedicated "to all victims of intolerance” depicts the dawn of skateboarding in Montreal. A new activity frowned upon by police and adults, skateboarding gave youngsters a thrilling sensation of speed and freedom. This film - the first Canadian documentary ever made about the sport - captures the exuberance of boys and girls having the time of their lives in free-wheeling downhill locomotion.


Claude Jutra
Claude Jutra
Marcel Martin
Michel Brault
Sidney Pearson
Werner Nold
Pierre F. Brault
Geneviève Bujold


  • kruscito

    “@ed-hawco --> Good eye! To answer your question, the original version is from 1966 and in French. However, the English version was released in 1969, so the copyright is from then.” — kruscito, 12 Dec 2011

  • ed-hawco

    “The synopsis says this is a 1966 film, but the date at the end says MCMLXIX, which is 1969. I'm inclined to believe the film's date. Please check and if I'm right, update the synopsis! Thanks!” — ed-hawco, 12 Dec 2011

  • jmatlin

    “@Toby - The song is part of the original score, which was composed by Pierre F. Brault. The singer is Genevieve Bujold. Hope that helps.” — jmatlin, 25 Jul 2011

  • Toby

    “What is the name of the song at the end??” — Toby, 24 Jul 2011

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