Christopher's Movie Matinee

When movie cameras were put in the hands of a few young people, they made this film about themselves and their world. The footage they gathered is presented in feature film with very little editing. There are sit-ins, love-ins, animated discussions among themselves about almost everything, and encounters with adults on a bus and on the street. The film is a revealing portrait of a dissenting generation and its rationale.


Mort Ransen
Mort Ransen
Joseph Koenig
associate producer
Tom Daly
Martin Duckworth
Jacques Drouin
sound editing
F. Whitman Trecartin
George Croll


  • CrimsonHeart

    “I am in this film, dancing in Queen's Park. Re Reflector's curmudgeonly post, we had a goal of sharing peace and love with the world and were very typical of young adults in those years. If not being part of the corporate mainstream makes us "aimless, disorganized and immature", so be it! Many of us have grown up to have creative, interesting lives with happy, healthy open-minded and successful (on their terms) children. I think you missed out on a very exciting time in our history, Reflector. Life would have been a lot more fun for you if you'd joined in!” — CrimsonHeart, 20 May 2012

  • Reflector

    “I was born in 1944. These kids are not representative of my peers then. They're aimless, disorganized and immature! They may represent the "fringe" but it is the wayward fringe at best. I hope nobody generates the opinion thet these children are typical of those years.” — Reflector, 9 Feb 2012

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