The Wobble Incident

The Wobble Incident is an erratic journey through layers of cinematic illusion. When the First Sound rings out in a silent cartoon world, two characters experience momentous change as their universe goes bananas. The original version of the Wobble Incident is a 3D animation produced on Sandde.

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Claire Blanchet
Sam Vipond
Maral Mohammadian
Kat Baulu
production designer
Claire Blanchet
Claire Blanchet
sound designer
Sam Vipond
music composer
Sam Vipond
consulting filmmaker
Steve Woloshen
sound editor
Don Ayer
sound mixer
Geoffrey Mitchell
executive producer
Ravida Din


  • John27

    “Hey im doing a response to this video is class. I understand the video but what is the main message? And or theme?” — John27, 11 May 2011

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