The Universal Clock - The Resistance of Peter Watkins

This feature documentary is a portrait of Peter Watkins, an Oscar®-winning British filmmaker who, for the past 4 decades, has proved that films can be made without compromise. With the proliferation of TV channels, documentaries are enjoying an unprecedented boom fuelled by audiences seeking an alternative to infotainment. But now documentary filmmaking, too, finds itself constrained by the imperatives of television. However, there is a rebel resisting this uniformity of the spirit. Pre-eminent among today's documentary filmmakers concerned about this mind-numbing standardization, Peter Watkins has never strayed from either his principles or the cause.

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Peter Watkins
Sara Louis
Anna Pano
Marie-Josèphe Barrère
Kamel Ikachamene
Renaud Bazin
Geoff Bowie
Geoff Bowie
Geoff Bowie
picture editing
Petra Valier
director of photography
Georges Dufaux
Gilles Papajak
Louis Durocher
sound recording
Diane Carrière
André Boisvert
sound editing
Tony Reed
R.H. Thomson
original score
Philippe Lapointe
voice recording
Geoffrey Mitchell
Serge Boivin
Jean Paul Vialard
Yves Bisaillon